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Academic Planning

Academic Planning at UC Merced aims to
  • Establish an iterative, multi-year planning and resource allocation process
  • Empower schools and academic divisions as meaningful units for planning and resource allocation
  • Advance campus-level academic priorities through aligned school and division-level planning
Academic Planning is guided by Report of the Academic Planning Work Group (APWG), which outlines the campus’s academic goals: the three Indices of Success, corresponding criteria, and associated measures. An underlying objective of these priorities is to move the campus toward R1 Carnegie Classification.
To advance these goals, each school and academic division at UC Merced, including the Library, the Office of Undergraduate Education and the Division of Graduate Education, has developed rolling five-year plans that articulate a set of APWG-aligned goals and strategies to be implemented over a five-year period.
As of June 2021, final, first iterations of school and division of these plans are available in Box.
Each plan consists of two documents
  • The plan itself
  • An Excel file summarizing the relationship between school/division strategies and 1) the Measures put forward by the APWG and 2) the funding priorities outlined by the EVC/Provost in his December 14, 2020 memo
Beginning in AY 2021-22, these plans will be revisited annually as part of an annual planning and resource allocation process. This process will involve assessing progress on school/division and institutional goals and revisiting and extending each school/division plan by one year.
As part of this new process, the EVC/Provost, following consultation with CAPRA, will allocate blocks of funds to schools with the intention of advancing the campus's progress on the APWG measures and in turn the Indices of Success.
If you have any difficulties accessing the plans, please contact Laura Martin, Assistant EVC/Provost for Academic Planning and Institutional Assessment.
A history of the planning process and associated documents is available here.
Last updated 6/22/2021