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Academic Planning Process

Academic Planning Process

The completion in May 2021 of final, first iterations of academic plans by the schools, divisions of undergraduate and graduate education, and the library represents the conclusion of a multi- year process planning process. A timeline and associated documents and communications are provided below.


Initiated in fall 2019, the academic planning process was organized into three phases:
  • Phase I: Schools/divisions develop aspirational goals and values
  • Phase II: Schools/divisions produce an initial draft of their multi-year plans
  • Phase III: Schools/divisions submit multi-year plans
At the conclusion of Phase I, each school/division submitted draft goals together with a visual alignment of its goals to the Indices of Success and Criteria outlined in the Report of the Academic Planning Work Group (APWG).
For Phase II, each school/division was asked to
  • develop strategies to support achievement of each of its goals
  • link each strategy to one or more of the measures (defined in the APWG report) for tracking campus progress on the Indices of Success and Criteria.
By advancing one (or more) measures, a school/division strategy articulates the school/division’s contribution to campus progress on the Index of Success and associated Criteria. A visual illustration of these relationships is provided in this schematic.
Phase III began on December 14, 2020, when the EVC/Provost provided to campus reviews of the Phase II school/division plans together with proposed funding priorities and campus funding estimate for upcoming years.
Phase III concluded in May 2021 with completion of school and division plans.

Planning Documents 


Last updated 6/23/2021